Country day

This is done on a regular basis every Saturday (ask for other days).

La Candelaria offers a unique experience that treasures a good part of Argentine history and tradition.

We invite you to ride and stroll in vintage sulks (*) admiring the immensity of our Pampas, surprised by the traditional dance show and the skills of the gaucho in a great show of Creole skill.

In addition, you will learn about the history of La Candelaria and our country in the guided visit to the castle, taste the exquisite local cuisine such as roast, empanadas and afternoon pies and artisan sweets.

(*) Activities with additional cost.

Activity Schedule

11:00hs: Arrival at La Candelaria and reception with empanadas and drinks.

12:30hs: Historical Tour of the Castle in Spanish.

13:00hs: Lunch – One non-alcoholic drink per person. Chorizo, chinchulines, kidneys, matambre, ribs to the rotisserie, vacio, chicken, salads and dessert for dessert Flan with cream or apple crunch with cream and cinnamon. Coffee and tea.

13:00hs: Almuerzo: Una bebida sin alcohol por persona. Chorizo, chinchulines, riñones, matambre, costillares al asador, vacío, pollo, ensaladas varias y de postre Flan con dulce y crema ó Crocante de manzanas con crema y canela. Café y té.

14 hs: Folkloric Show

16 hs: Coffee, tea, and “mate” with pastries and pies.

18.30 hs: Return to Buenos Aires.

We offer you the transportation services. The same part of Capital (central areas). Consult rates.

You may check our rates through Instagram, Facebook, WSP +5491137662134, or email to


In La Candelaria, polo classes are offered for all ages and levels of play.

A complete service that goes from the horses to the wooden mallets, so that you can enjoy the most authentic Argentine sport.

Practice this exciting skill in the immense polo fields, the same ones where the best polo players of the world have played.

Polo Classes one hour

$ 6.500.-

Individual or group classes, given by teachers and players with AAP handicaps.

Classes include:

+ Theory and practice of the game.
+ Riding analysis.
+ Explanation of the swing with standing blocks.
+ Taqueo with instructor.

Polo exhibition

$ 47.500.-
Four polo chukkers with the participation of low handicap players.

Polo Background

Polo day

$ 14.500 Please Consult before-hand.-

Accommodation and Polo Package

Colonial & Classical Castle
Please Consult.-

Castle Suites & WindMill Suite
Please Consult.-

+ Intensive course: with classes in the morning and in the afternoon.
+ Theory and practice of sports and horses.


+ Management of the polo horse.
+ Learning and swing techniques.
+ Elongation oriented to Yoga.
+ Game strategy.
+ Positions and functions of the players.
+ Learning of lines and fouls.
+ Taqueo with instructor.
+ Practice with professional players.
+ Sport tactics.
+ Handling the horse on the court.
+ Tips for veterinary and horse care.


Prices are per day per person in double base. Single Based (individual) add 50% | Children between 3 and 10 years pay 50% sharing rooms with their parents Includes: equipment for horses, horses and equipment for players (leggings, helmets, cleats, gloves and whips) for groups of up to 5 people.